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A Message From April: Why You Should Buy My Used Panties

Hi guys! Welcome to! Please take some time to look around my website. You'll see that I'm 100% real. I'm an amateur independent 23-year-old girl. None of my pictures are photoshopped. I write my own content, record my own video blogs, and sell my own used panties. By day, I'm a personal trainer and spinning instructor, which makes my worn panties extra sweaty and fragrant. At night, I'm a camgirl and panty-selling dominatrix. Every pair of my used panties comes with a free lollypop and verification video. They are guaranteed to bring you the most intense orgasm of your life. So what are you waiting for? Stop jerking off -- and buy a pair of my worn panties today! xo April

My Clips4Sale Store is Actually Up- Fuck Yes. Dirty Forced Feminization For Everyone!

February 3, 2015

Ta Daa! I present you all with visible proof that my Clips4Sale studio is actually up and running. Which is good news for you. You being all the cuckold, panty wearing, sissy bitch bottoms who are begging for any excuse to worship my ass while I coerce them into sucking cock for my amusement…. Below is [&hellip

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Evil April | Craigslist Slams | April’s Body

January 31, 2015

Ahh Craigslist. So much to say- so little time. I felt like brightening everyones weekend with a brief completion of random craigslist ads I’ve stumbled upon. Yes- I’m pretty high right now. Been facing blunts for the better part of the evening.   If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, take a few [&hellip


Video: New Sexy Tease Video with April and Robin

January 8, 2015

Well Hello There,  Great things are to cum in 2015…here is a sexy taste of your favorite Dominas, used panty sellers, cam girls, and fetish models… You’re welcome xo~ Evil April


So You Want MOAR of Evil April Piggy?!

January 5, 2015

Hello Sissies, Pigs and Cuckolds… Being My property is a privilege….One that is Earned through sweat, tears, blood, financial servitude, and humiliation. Your pain and embarrassment is My amusement. I take pleasure in watching your pathetic cock twitch every time you reach for your wallet…you know that I own everything in it and it excites you [&hellip


Video: Strength Training For Chicks

December 30, 2014

Hey Everyone,This  I have been traveling a lot this December… I made a quick video for the ladies in the audience. Lifting will change your body…Skinny fat is not attractive But you knew that already… xo-April &nbsp


Bikinis and Strap-Ons

December 18, 2014

Hi Everyone!!! As usual- I have been traveling quite a bit. I spent the last week playing in the sand with my sexy little submissive Robin (Ray) in Florida. We had quite a few photo shoots to deal with, but all work and no play makes April a very dull girl indeed   After all [&hellip

April Snow Sexy White Booty Shorts

An Proper Outlet for My Sissy Sluts…

December 3, 2014

Hello There Sissy Boys,  I will be using the blog section of to highlight awesome sissification and forced feminzation websites, videos, forums, etc… I will also be accepting original submissions from aspiring panty boys, cuckolds, a sissy losers to feature! If you would like to write something original for my sissification and forced feminization blog, [&hellip


Music to Your Cock Sucking Ears

November 27, 2014

  Well Hello There Cum-Slut…    I have been having a fabulous time turning pathetic cocksuckers into perfect Sissy Barbie Sluts. I specialize in transforming cum dump losers into perfect panty boys. My program involves a total immersion approach. I want to change how you think about cock. Your mouth should be wrapped around a cock right [&hellip

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~a crowd of hot chicks having a pillow fight only wearing candy necklaces~

November 26, 2014

Hi There Panty Sniffers!  I have been super busy…and my cleaning lady got ahold of some of my dirty panties and washed them…whomp whomp. Smelly panty train derailed! Thankfully I have made a little headway and will be mailing out a rather large batch of panty orders tomorrow evening. Those of you waiting to lick [&hellip


Video: Sexy Lesbian Shower Scene w/April & Robin

November 23, 2014

Hi Everyone! If you would like to order a custom video or camshow, feel free to shoot wither one of us an email. Below is a clip from a super sexy and wet cam show we did while we were in Ny last October… You’re Welcome. xo~ April


Mistress April’s Personal Training Services for Sissies.

November 18, 2014

Are you an out of shape, sissy dough boy? I offer an exclusive web based personal training program for Sissy Boys and Cock Whores. Learn to run in heels while you sculpt that pathetic body of yours into an ideal, barbie shaped figure. I design all meal plans and workouts. You will meet with me [&hellip

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Time for you to Get Sissy.

November 8, 2014

Hello Sissy Boy, I have been working on something special…My next website (which is still currently under contraction) is starting to come along.  I plan to make it the number one Finishing School for Forced Feminization and Sissification. The next step in my diabolical plan of action is to find a few special Sissy [&hellip


I Will Make You Weak Piggy

November 6, 2014

Hello Cuckolds and Pay Piggies,    I will treat you like the pathetic piece of human garbage that you are. I know that you fantasize about fucking my tight, young body. I know that you stroke your pathetic excuse for a prick while reading my blog, trolling my pics, and watching my videos. You know [&hellip

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Get Sissy: Princess Aprils’ Next Website!

November 3, 2014

Hi There Sissy Boys,  As many of my panty sluts already know, I am waaay into forced feminization. I am currently working on my next pet project, another website-! Get Sissy is an online Sissy Camp and Feminization Finishing School for little cock whores like you! I have been working on it between spinning classes, [&hellip

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Meet April Snow: Princess of Dirty Panties, Domina, and Tattooed Slut ;)

November 2, 2014

My name is April Snow, and I want to turn you into my personal, panty-wearing, cocksucking sissy bitch. I’m a 100% real girl. And I just happen to enjoy humiliating and dominating people for pleasure During the day, I’m a personal trainer and weight-loss coach. I also teach spinning classes. Most of my clients are wealthy, [&hellip