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A Message From April: Why You Should Buy My Used Panties

Hi guys! Welcome to! Please take some time to look around my website. You'll see that I'm 100% real. I'm an amateur independent 23-year-old girl. None of my pictures are photoshopped. I write my own content, record my own video blogs, and sell my own used panties. By day, I'm a personal trainer and spinning instructor, which makes my worn panties extra sweaty and fragrant. At night, I'm a camgirl and panty-selling dominatrix. Every pair of my used panties comes with a free lollypop and verification video. They are guaranteed to bring you the most intense orgasm of your life. So what are you waiting for? Stop jerking off -- and buy a pair of my worn panties today! xo April
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Another Sneak Peek Into April’s Inbox, LOL!!!

July 30, 2014

Hi There Panty Fans Here is another email from a random guy…I thought it was quite nice and well written…so I posted it for all of you to read. I obviously removed the senders name for his privacy. Enjoy! ~April Hello April, I’m sure you receive many e-mails, countless lonely guys wanting your attention in [Read more]


A Great Story Written By A Total Cock Sucker

Hello There Lovelies, Funny story….I have been asking a friend of mine to write an erotic story for my blog for quite sometime. I even asked for him to mail me an old one….he never did- but he did somehow manage to send this story to My submissive, little Miss Robin Ray. So- You Know [Read more]

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For My Mistress April (Pt. II): To Be a Cuckhold…

Hello There Little Submissives and Sluts,  Below is another task I instructed one of My subbies to carry out. Hw wrote a piece on himself- I am sure you will enjoy it. Enjoy,  Mistress April To Be a Cuckhold         My beautiful Mistress April gave me a simple task, write about what [Read more]


Robin Ray Masturbating W/A Glass Dildo (My Goodies!!!)

  Hi There Sluts  Want to spy on me during a cam session with another man? Neither one of us knew we were being recorded. Watch me finger bang my wet, pink pussy. I play with a sexy glass dildo, and  pleasure myself with my legs spread wide…. XO~ Robin You can buy the whole [Read more]

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Robin Ray: Compulsive Masturbation & Anal Sex ;)

Are you a compulsive masturbator like me? Okay so here’s the deal, I’m always making these side jokes about masturbating in the morning, afternoon, and evening. But here’s the truth, that’s fa real fa real. (You know I’m serious if I say it twice) I touch myself/rub one off NO LESS than 3x a day, [Read more]

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For My Mistress April (Pt. I)

July 29, 2014

Are you into amateur porn? Do you collect erotic literature? Well- I have recently begun making one of My sub missives write erotic stories for all of You to read in My blog- here on! The slave that writes these short sexy stories for me is totally my cuckhold- cock sucking bitch. So, naturally- [Read more]

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Robin Ray’s Panty Boi ;)

July 26, 2014

Hi Everyone, This is one of my first little sissyslut slaves, I named him rudy. Like the little stuttering loser on the movie. Anyway, I met him on craigslist and wanted to play with him immediately. rudy fell head over heels for me of course, he wants to do ANYTHING I want to make me [Read more]


Video: Real Life Dirty Girls, The Naughty Panty Sluts <3

Hi There Panty Bois! Just another quickie….with Robin and Me Wouldn’t you like to have a quickie with both of us? I’m sure you would Love to…*giggle* Enjoy our silly video, and our delicious wet and dirty panties of course…. XO ~Miss April The Used Panties Goddess of The Milky Way Snow 

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StonerBabes Dirty Sexy Naughty Panty Dance (Hardcore Vid)

Hi There Fellow Stoners & Whomever Else Has A Raging Panty Fetish! Get the ultimate high, the euphoria that one gets from inhaling the delicious scent of my pussy from my wet and dirty panties. I have posted this super XXX naughty panty tease video for your viewing pleasure…and yes- the full length version is [Read more]

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Mistress April Snow & Her Little Slut Submissive, Robin Ray

July 25, 2014

Hi There Lovers, I had a training session with my slutty little Princess, Robin Ray. The sexy video I taped of us during her training session is now available for you to buy from us. I included some photos from this particular session in this blog post- so you can have a sneak peek…..Arn’t you [Read more]

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Robin Ray’s First Pair of Wet Panties for Sale

July 24, 2014

  Hi Used Panties Fiends <3 You may have already met her, luck you If not I am skied that you are reading this particular blog of mine. We have officially posted her first pair of dirty, wet panties for sale in my Used Panties Gallery. You can watch some tease vids of me shaking [Read more]

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Smutty Interviews: All About Balloon ( & Smoking) Fetishes “Looners ;)”

A Looner is someone with a balloon fetish…#whoknew Here is a vid a “Looner” may enjoy Hi There Sluts! As many of you already know, I love interviewing people with unique sexual fetishes. A few months ago, I posted a blog that touched on balloon fetishes. I received an email from a man who actually [Read more]

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Meet Robin Ray: Suck on My Panties you Sissy Boy!

July 21, 2014

(*A quick sidebar from April* In case you have not been fortunate enough to meet my sexy bestie, Robin Ray…you are in luck now. Miss Robin is known for her sensual attitude, creativity, and wicked curves. You Sissy boys have already soaked your panties from her pics alone…I’m sure you will adore her as much [Read more]

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Draining a Sissy Paypiggy- BBC Hungry, Sissy Money Slave

July 17, 2014

Hello My Sissy Boi Piggies~ You Love stoking that pathetic little cock for your Mistress, don’t you? Nothing gets that little crayon sized prick stiff like when your Mistress allows you Her undivided attention. It is intense, and She is a Hypnotic Goddess. You are a pathetic little cocksucker to Her. You Never forget your [Read more]

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Meet Robin Ray: April’s Sexy & Nasty Lil BFF

July 16, 2014

  Hi There My Little Slut,  It’s time for all of you to meet my sexy bestie! Robin and I love forcing boys and girls like you to perform for us on cam, selling our moist sweaty panties, eating each other out, shopping, getting our nails done, and fucking each other with our strap ons. [Read more]