The economics of pricing used panties

January 13, 2014

4-up on 1-13-14 at 3.36 AM #12A potential buyer recently asked me why a pair of used panties that I've worn for two days costs over twice as much as a pair that I've worn for only one day. Shouldn't daily prices actually decrease over time, he asked? This isn't the first time I've encountered this question, so allow me to delve  into the idiosyncratic economics of pricing used panties.

Wearing a pair of panties for one day is no big deal. It's easy. You just put on a pair of panties and wear them like you would any other day. Then the next morning, you package them up and send them to your buyer. But 2-day wear is totally different. It's yucky. You have to walk around in a pair of day-old worn panties. If you worked out the day before (and I pretty much work out every day), they can get really nasty.

So if I'm going to wear the same pair of panties for 2 days, I'm going to charge more for the second day than I do for the first. That's why a pair of my used panties costs $50 for one-day of wear and $105 for two days of wear. I think the extra $55 I'm charging for walking around in a sweaty-stained  stinky thong for an extra 24 hours is a pretty good deal.

You'll notice that I don't even sell 3-day wear panties. I just couldn't handle walking around in underwear that smells like stale pussy from across the room. That said, if you're a buyer seeking extra smelly panties, I can still hook you up. When you place your order in my used panties store, just ask me to wear your panties during my daily workout. That's easy for me, and it will make the pussy-scent of my panties a lot more intense.